The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless launched a ground-breaking initiative to provide homes to those who had nowhere else to go after hospitalization. The Stout Street Recuperative Care and Legacy Lofts project was a major milestone for us at Exceed – it was our first downtown, new build high-rise, and we were responsible for all systems. This included electrical distribution, branch power lighting, all low volt special systems, CCTV, and Fire Alarm.

The facility has 75 beds to care for patients referred by hospitals who require continued healthcare. The goal is to prevent the need for further hospitalization and help patients find stable housing. The second and third floors are dedicated to patients with limited mobility who require a higher level of care. In addition, 98 individuals were selected for permanent residency due to frequent hospitalization or imprisonment. The intent is to offer affordable housing with onsite support for those who need it.

As we look back on the successful completion of the CCH project, we are thrilled to continue building new facilities in the downtown Denver area!