Exceed was contacted in February 2023 to help an out of state GC with a 146, 5-story multi-family project in Englewood.  Exceed was tasked with taking over the electrical system installation for a previous contractor who could not complete the work.  At the time we were mobilized, the electrical system progress was months behind the overall project schedule.  Exceed needed to move forward with new install while retroactively repairing many components of the previous installation that were not allowing the project to move forward.  Exceed identified the areas of critical patch and used our extensive multi-family and commercial background to bridge the gaps in the electrical scope to aid the general contractor with getting the project back on track.

Exceed completed install and commissioning on systems within the dwelling units while providing design-build support on the lighting controls system, the building generator and its sequence of operations, and the level #1 commercial gym, fitness center, and large amenity space and it’s access control system.